Tanzania - The benefits of biogas (Ecoboma)

Partnering with Arusha district council and Meru district council, Istituto Oikos has conducted the Eco Boma project which aiming at building resilient society among maasai community by using local coping mechanism.
250 bomas at Uwilo, Oldonyo was and Oldonyosambu which accommodate more than 2000 families. 1000 solar bottle lamps and 20 biogas plant will ensure the energy supply while they have come up with a great integration on separating water for livestock and water for human being by creating outlets from the dam where human being are fetching clean water to take water a bit distant f from the Dam for livestock.
Imani Nsamila (Photographer) captured images of project beneficiaries in livestock, energy and water harvest plus the life around the village and landscape as an extra package.

Focus on:
- Rainwater harvesting to the dam and outlets for livestock water
- a local designer who has leather product factory and teach the knowledge to other villagers
- Biogas and solar bottle user at her house as a source of energy the result of knowledge she got from the project.
- Village game scout trained by Tanzania Wildlife Authority who are giving knowledge about environment, environment and wildlife’s protection.
- Tree nursing areas
- beekeeping group, an environment friendly economic project.

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