The project were meant to support 8 communities to manage their forests, water sources and land more efficiently so that they can adopt climate smart agriculture. The project aim to support local house holds to adapt negative impacts on climate change and eradicating poverty. Participatory forest management was conducted in five villages namely handei,kwewina, kizingata,mzungui and shambangeda where different interventions were introduced to alleviate poverty from eco tourism, bee keeping, and butterfly keeping. Through trainings and awareness raising campaigns different activities are conducted including sustainable agricultural program, diary cattle husbandly, agro forest, tree planting to microfinance have been in place so that poverty is kicked out and people are resilient. Imani Nsamila (Photographer) took photos in area of the project from forest management, water sources maintenance and best ways of farming plus the life around the village and landscape as an extra package.

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