The GCCA+ - What is next for us after the COP21?

Dear Readers, GCCA+ Supporters and Friends,

Happy New Year! I’m proud to share this GCCA+ newsletter, which comes to you with fresh optimism. The successful conclusion of COP21 sent a powerful signal that the global community is serious about decarbonising and recognises its responsibility to care for the most marginal communities who already face a rapidly changing climate. In itself, this signal will help accelerate the response by national governments, civil society, and the private sector.

COP21 also places the European Union (EU) at the centre of efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Not only did the EU play a major part in brokering COP21, but with significant funds for climate action and deep reserves of technical expertise, it has a key role to play in supporting mitigation and adaptation too. The EU’s flagship initiative on climate change, the GCCA+, has a mandate today that is stronger than ever.

Our partners should expect the GCCA+ to become ever-more active in the coming months, as we take on our new mandate and scale up our pace of work. The success of COP21 is fresh in our memories. Now we must put our words into action.

Our focus remains on the twin pillars of dialogue and practical support for the world's most vulnerable countries, including the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDs). Our work on knowledge management is likely to grow, however, so that policy-makers can access the very best and latest expertise.

This newsletter includes stories from Tanzania and Ethiopia and coverage of our side event at the COP21 summit on 2 December 2015.

I would like to express my gratitude to those who took part in the event. Coming from around the world, they represented beneficiaries, donors, our partners and supporters.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the event sparking interesting discussion and insights for all of us who were there. That’s at the heart of what we do.

I would like to encourage you to watch our new video showcasing the GCCA+ work through its highly successful project in Ethiopia. The story from Tanzania is a good illustration of the challenges faced by some of our partners. These families and communities are taking control of their fate, adapting to the growing realities of climate change and anticipating the future.

The GCCA+ adds enormous value to local communities. Expect to read many more such stories in forthcoming newsletters and on our website.

Last year was a busy year for the climate community. The GCCA was also busier than ever.

In October, we officially launched the GCCA+. A truly inspiring event marked the start of a seven-year flagship programme and successor to the GCCA.

“It is a high priority for the European Union to help the most vulnerable countries win this fight while making the transition to a greener and more sustainable economy,” said International Cooperation and Development Commissioner Neven Mimica at the launch.

With our newly appointed Support Facility Team we have also made a start on some ambitious future plans, such as the development of an up-to-date and coherent Monitoring and Evaluation framework which will allow us to measure our impact and success against the most relevant indicators.

We also plan to put in place a modernised and efficient governance structure to help us innovate, inspire and inform our key audiences.

Do visit our website in the future and stay engaged by joining the GCCA+ Community group on Cap4Dev, where exciting discussions should also be launched in the coming months.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Craig Mcquaide
Head of Unit
European Commission
International Cooperation and Development
DEVCO C.6 – Sustainable Energy and Climate Change