Real change in a changing climate – A Malawi documentary

Malawi"Actually, the idea started with one boy,” says Cathy Mkandawire, a local youth leader. Cathy has her own story to tell, being a pioneer in her community in one of the districts of Malawi. She explains how her community is using and managing water, a natural resource, efficiently and effectively for their benefit. But as an individual, she knows that there is more outside of her community that others are doing to curb the negative effects of climate change.

A 20-minute documentary tells the story of how massive, terrible and unusual natural disasters are affecting people in Malawi. And how people have started to react. Many lost their crops, opening a gateway to food insecurity individually and nation wide, a severe drought followed, impacted further the situation.

Cathy goes on a journey introducing various adaptation approaches, which can be realistically adopted by Malawians living in various parts of the country. The various activities include: renewable energy, crop diversification, farmer field schools, and income generation from natural resources.

The documentary, realized with the support of the EU Delegation in Malawi and the GCCA+ programme tells the story of people, how they are fighting against climate change and how they have benefited.