The Top 10 photographs: “Empowering women with sustainable energy” winners

Sustainable energy change people's lives: see the images of women or girls benefiting or involved in the sustainable energy sector.


These photos are the 10 best photographs selected among the 200 entries received for EuropeAid photo competition 'Empowering women with sustainable energy'. They capture images of women or girls who are either benefiting from sustainable energy or who are involved in the energy sector, as technicians or entrepreneurs.

The winners come from three different continents: 1. Lola Patricia Morales - Cuba - Peru; 2. Vincent Wartner – Ivory Coast; 3. Ishwar Gupta - Nepal; 4. Yekbun Gurgoz - Nigeria; 5. J-B Fedya Ivoline - Haïti; 6. Jesse Alegre - Philippines; 7. Nura Ibrahim - Somalia; 8. Roy Soumyabrata - India; 9. Amagor Robert Niang - Senegal; 10. J M Becaría Morales - Colombia;

Their photos demonstrate how women can impact the energy sector, and how they can benefit and use sustainable energy for their business, daily activities or income generating activities.