EU GCCA+ Collaborative Platform

The Collaborative Platform is a working tool for EU GCCA+ stakeholders and a repository of all the programmes documents. It is managed by the EU GCCA+ Support Facility.


Collaborative PlatformWho can access the EU GCCA+ Collaborative Platform?

The EU GCCA+ collaborative platform is a knowledge management platform for existing EU GCCA+ programmes. It is built to suit the needs of the GCCA+ family (EU Delegations GCCA+ focal points, GCCA+ Geo coordinators, EU GCCA+ project focal points, etc.).


How to submit your Programme Fiche?

  • Find your Programme Fiche on the platform
  • Update the information
  • Submit for validation

And… click, the EU GCCA Support Facility can publish your info



How to contribute to the Platform resources?

Platform members can add resources related to their programme and share them with other users. They can view resources uploaded by colleagues. This will allow to:

  • Add and search the best photos from EU GCCA+ programmes
  • Add and search the most relevant programme documents


What is a workspace on the Collaborative Platform?

A workspace is a space to help you organize your events:

  • Present your event
  • Invite colleagues to join
  • Share presentations and documents
  • Link the workspace to your programme



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EU GCCA+ communication guidelines

How to update the Programme Fiche?