Communicating and sharing knowledge

well rehabilitation niger
Well rehabilitation in Niger
© EU GCCA+ LOCAL-UNCDF Photo - Nacer Alqatami 2016 

When dealing with climate change, learning from others, being exposed and gaining access to best practices and lessons learnt by others, fresh information and new winning ideas are fundamental. This is why communication and knowledge sharing have an essential role to play in fulfilling the EU GCCA+ initiative’s main goal, which is helping to build resilience to climate change in the most vulnerable countries. 
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The EU GCCA+ Visual identity

The new visual identity of the EU GCCA+, launched in 2018, speaks the language of nature. The colours range from the turquoise of the Caribbean, the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, the yellow of Africa’s land to the green of Asian wetlands. The graphical elements replicate waves, raindrops, pebbles and rocks in a series of patterns inspired by water or the earth.
EU GCCA+ projects are invited to make use of the new logo, which already incorporates the EU flag and acknowledges the  European Union funding, and to use the graphic templates prepared for posters, banners, social media posts, etc.  You can view them here.

EU GCCA+ communication guidelines
These short guidelines have been developed for EU-funded GCCA+  projects and should respond to most questions on what is expected in terms of communication and visibility, how to use them and where to find further information. Communication and visibility are a legal obligation for all external actions funded by the European Union (EU).  You can download them here. 

Communicating EU Climate Action

An overview of the main EU GCCA+ communication tools and channels

Factsheet - EU GCCA+ at a glance

Facts and figures on the EU Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (EU GCCA+) a major climate initiative building resilience to climate change in the most vulnerable countries.