GCCA+ @ European Development Days 2017

GCCA+ lab-debate: The role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in supporting the climate change and sustainable development agenda

GCCA InvitationAn interactive stand and a debate session at the European Development Days, 7-8 June, highlighted the GCCA+’s key contributions to strengthening dialogue and cooperation on climate change action with developing countries.

The GCCA+ hosted a debate session on 8 June, focusing on the role of civil society organisations (CSOs) in climate change actions and sustainable development. The debate, led by six prestigious panellists, examined the current and desired roles of CSOs in promoting climate change resilience and adaptation at all stages of development processes.

The debate included discussions on their role in engaging people, integrating disaster risk reduction and building resilience in climate adaptation strategies, focused on key questions:

  • How can CSOs further promote a participatory and inclusive disaster risk reduction approach to actively participating in interinstitutional coordination spaces at local and national levels?
  • How should CSOs ensure the integration of highly vulnerable groups in climate and sustainable development policy, through advocacy processes and existing international and national opportunities?
  • How can CSOs promote technical and financial accountability to support high quality and transparency for climate change and sustainable development agendas?
  • How might CSOs act as bridge between research institutions and the population at large, leading to a more direct dialogue between both parties and improving the population’s access to climate information?
  • What should CSOs be provided with; what are the conditions needed for CSOs to play their role linking institutions and citizens?

Consult the overview and the summary of the debate, developed to inform the EDD community and provide feedback and ideas to the GCCA+ in its commitment to engage more effectively with CSOs.


Five Ps to drive climate change actions for the sustainable development agenda

The Global Climate Change Alliance interactive and educational stand highlighted the five Ps of the EU’s sustainable development agenda — People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership — at this year’s European Development Days.

The eye-catching installation highlighted the GCCA+’s mission to promote and implement the environmental and climate change dimension of the EU’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It attracted more than 200 visitors, who were able to take part actively in creating a virtual world where the five Ps thrive. The stand’s virtual wall also demonstrated the ways in which the EU is working to make this world a reality through initiatives led by the GCCA+ and DG DEVCO.