GCCA+ Seychelles: Talking Climate Chaos

takling climate


Sustainability for Seychelles is the GCCA+ programme that is launching this event involving young and old citizen to encourage awareness and discussion about climate change. Without a budget but with lots of enthusiasm and the generous offer of space at the University of Seychelles the idea of a one day “Talking Climate Chaos” event took shape. 


The word was circulated to NGOs, the Private Sector, Schools and Government Departments offering space for them to make a presentation, workshop or exhibition on the theme of climate change. The response was impressive with 28 different people and organisations offering to participate.


The full day programme takes place on Friday January 31st 9.00-16.00 at UniSey, Anse Royal and includes a wide range of talks, workshops, activities and wetland tours as well as music and dance.


Climate change affects everyone so all are welcome to come and join in for all or part of the day. 


Check here the entire programme