Repository on Waste management in the African Context

sWaste management is one of the biggest challenges for developing countries, especially in Africa. This is due to many factors including the absence of the data on the amount of waste generated annually, waste composition, disposal, and utilization. Typically, data is fragmented among several agencies, and it is neither systemised nor publicly available. In addition to lack of proper waste disposal and waste segregation, the absence of waste surveys and weak legislative base makes this sector challenging. However, if adequately tackled and managed, it can represent an opportunity to transform a social problem into a business opportunity. This repository of waste management resources does not aim to be exhaustive but seek to show both academic, scientific, and some concrete examples of procedures, guidelines on waste, starting from:

-why we must deal with waste management

-what waste management is

-how to deal with waste management

-how to MRV waste.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, a mix of different approaches might be considered and tailored for the specific features and national context of each State interested in dealing with this problem. This link takes the reader to MRV Africa and a case study on solid waste disposal which highlights some key steps required to implement a comprehensive MRV system in Egypt.