CDM Methodological, TOOL04, Version 07.0



This tool provides procedures to calculate baseline, project or leakage emissions of methane from solid waste disposed or prevented from disposal at a solid waste disposal site (SWDS).

The tool can be used to determine emissions for the following types of applications:

(a) Application A: The CDM project activity mitigates methane emissions from a specific existing SWDS. Methane emissions are mitigated by capturing and flaring or combusting the methane (e.g. "ACM0001: Flaring or use of landfill gas"). The methane is generated from waste disposed in the past, including prior to the start of the CDM project activity. In these cases, the tool is only applied for an ex-ante estimation of emissions in the project design document (CDM-PDD). The emissions will then be monitored during the crediting period using the applicable approaches in the relevant methodologies (e.g. measuring the amount of methane captured from the SWDS);

(b) Application B: The CDM project activity avoids or involves the disposal of waste at a SWDS. An example of this application of the tool is ACM0022, in which municipal solid waste (MSW) is treated with an alternative option, such as composting or anaerobic digestion, and is then prevented from being disposed of in a SWDS. The methane is generated from waste disposed or avoided from disposal during the crediting period. In these cases, the tool can be applied for both ex-ante and ex-post estimation of emissions. These project activities may apply the simplified approach detailed in 0 when calculating baseline emissions.

CDM Methodological tool Emissions from solid waste disposal sites, TOOL04, Version 07.0