Sustainable waste management in Africa through CDM projects

aOnly a few Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects (traditionally focused on landfill gas combustion) have been registered in Africa if compared to similar developing countries. The waste hierarchy adopted by many African countries clearly shows that waste recycling and composting projects are generally the most sustainable projects. This paper undertakes a sustainability assessment for practical waste treatment and disposal scenarios for Africa and makes recommendations for consideration. The appraisal in this paper demonstrates that mechanical biological treatment of waste becomes more financially attractive if established through the CDM process. It argues that waste will continue to be dumped in Africa with increasing greenhouse gas emissions produced unless industrialised countries (Annex 1) fund carbon emissions reduction schemes through a replacement to the Kyoto Protocol. Such a replacement should calculate all of the direct and indirect carbon emission savings and seek to promote public-private partnerships through concerted support of the informal sector



Sustainable waste management in Africa through CDM projects R. Couth, C. Trois, CRECHE, Centre for Research in Environmental, Coastal and Hydrological Engineering, School of Engineering, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban 4041, South Africa