2001 ILO, How To Start A Community-Based Waste Collection Service

aEveryone produces waste. Some people produce more waste than others, but everyone produces some waste as leftover food, dirty water or garbage, to mention a few. So, what is it that we call waste? One of the answers is that waste is simply something unwanted, something left-over which has lost its value for the initial user. It is something you do not want any more and want to throw away. So, what do you do with this waste? You will have to get rid of it by throwing it away, burying it or burning it. You don’t want to keep it because you have no further use for it. However, the disposal of this waste might be a problem for you. Why? Because you do not want these things to be laying in the yard, smelling, rotting and maybe endangering yourself or your family. The waste thrown away by you might still of value to someone else. Someone else might pick it up and use it.