2008 Recycling of wastes as a strategy for environmental conservation in Kisumu, Kenya

qThe paper examines the roles, opportunities and challenges that women groups in Kisumu City face as they recycle polythene papers and water hyacinth plant materials to make various saleable products such as bags, mats and baskets. The study objectives were to analyze the roles of women groups in environmental conservation; to examine the opportunities that the women groups had in the recycling of polythene papers and water hyacinth plants; to examine the challenges faced by the women groups in their recycling efforts;  and to analyse the policy implications of the recycling effort of the women groups involved in environmental conservation. It concluded that recycling of polythene papers and water hyacinth plants contribute to environmental conservation, as well as presenting opportunities for the creation of wealth among women in the groups.

African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Vol. 2 (10). pp. 318-325, October, 2008