2019 Renmere: Potential Private Sector Investments South Africa


2019The purpose of the study was to scope potential innovative, high-impact interventions, programmes and/or projects relevant to South Africa’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and for which: private sector investment is most accessible; and GCF funding support is an essential catalyst for leveraging additional finance. The Southern Africa Climate Finance Partnership commissioned this study to support the Government of South Africa’s conceptualisation of their GCF country programming and to advance business unusual thinking within South Africa.

Audiences who will find the full study useful include investors considering their green economy portfolios’ alignment with public policy, entrepreneurs assessing green economy opportunities and public sector officials interfacing with the private sector actors who are seeking to contribute towards South Africa’s growing green economy. It can also be used by other countries as a model for identifying the best options to pursue blended funding options to scale up climate action.