2018 IRENA Report: Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions


0Off-grid renewable energy capacity has witnessed a spectacular three-fold increase from under 2 GW in 2008 to over 6.5 GW in 2017.

While a proportion of the deployed capacity is to support household electrification, a majority (83%) is dedicated for industrial (e.g., co-generation), commercial (e.g., powering telecommunication infrastructure) and public end-uses (e.g., street lighting, water pumping). Developments in off-grid renewable energy vary across regions. Countries in Africa and Asia account for most of the growth over the past years, with more than 53 million people in Africa and 76 million in Asia now using such power sources. This report reviews the status of off-grid capacity by end-use sector and insights for policy makers into regional markets and summarises the kinds of policies frameworks and institutions needed to foster its expansion.