2019 IRENA Report: Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions


3With the number of the world’s people benefiting from off-grid electricity solutions increasing six-fold between 2011 and 2016, this report summarises examples and key development that are helping to transform the socioeconomic landscape in rural areas and island settings. 

Its aim is to encourage policy makers to harness the complete spectrum of opportunities offered by off-grid renewable energy solutions to advance the SDGs requires an inclusive approach. This means greater collaboration among stakeholders in the energy sector, as well as across sectors like health, education, agriculture and water. The brief outlines several key dynamics that have converged to drive growth in the sector. Tailored delivery models, innovative financing instruments and a new digital ecosystem to support sector development have been particularly important. It concludes that as the off-grid renewables sector advances, targeted policies and regulations, coupled with programmes to develop the local skills and capacities, of community-based solutions and women-led enterprises, will help ensure that growth is equitable and inclusive.