Guidance for using the IUCN Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions


3 The IUCN’s Global Standard on Nature-based Solutions is the result of over 800 experts combined insight and knowledge on how nature can be deployed as an effective ally in the fight against climate change and other major 21st century challenges. The Standard is facilitative, with the aim not only to guide the user in design and implementation but also to continuously improve intervention’s resilience and help prepare for the unanticipated. It is based on the premise that a solution inherently needs to be responsive to a context and the outcome may vary each time. The Standard is developed for a wide range of users, particularly those from outside the traditional conservation sector. It is accompanied with an accessible and easy-touse self-verification toolkit while revisions and improvements to the Standard is overseen by an International Standards Committee. Aligned with this, IUCN will support the establishment of a global community of users who can collectively learn and help evolve the Standard.