2020 IRENA - The Post COVID Recovery


3 As the pandemic continues, its full impact is yet to be seen. IRENA’s post-COVID recovery agenda does not seek to predict the future or speculate on how the current economic downturn will play out. Countries must follow their varied pathways, both in economic recovery and in their energy transitions. IRENA, as the agency supporting countries worldwide in their transition to a sustainable energy future, reflects the diversity of views, priorities, abilities and needs of 180 Members and States in Accession. This report provides practical insights, options and recommendations for governments to consider. It can support informed policy-making as countries devise recovery measures specific to their circumstances. In suggesting how to navigate present times, it keeps a firm focus on the aims of inclusiveness and a just transition, while connecting short-term actions to medium- and long-term decarbonisation pathways. The COVID-19 crisis has, in some ways, provided an unexpected foreshadowing of the mounting climate emergency. This is the right moment to reassess long-standing assumptions, perceived barriers, and default decisions. The pandemic has shown us how quickly all we are accustomed to, can change. But it has also shown that collectively and with a common purpose, we are able to act decisively.