2019 European Commission Inequality in Partner Countries

2019This document highlights the many opportunities that exist today to enhance the impact of EU development cooperation policies on inequality, further mainstreaming inequality in the programme and project cycle, and strengthening partnerships, data and knowledge. Consistent with the principle of policy coherence for development, these efforts must continue to be supported by actions in other policy areas. The staff working document presents the policy framework; illustrates key concepts and inequality trends in developing countries, and discusses why inequality matters for sustainable development;  takes stock of how inequality is dealt with currently in EU development cooperation; analyses opportunities to further integrate the reduction of inequality in EU development cooperation;  and proposes a number of conclusions:

  • Strengthening existing EU external action and development cooperation policies relevant to addressing inequality drivers in partner countries.
  • Further mainstreaming the reduction of inequality in the EU programme and project cycle.
  • Strengthening partnerships for addressing inequality.
  • Strengthening data and knowledge, including disaggregated-data collection, knowledge building activities and capacity-development activities.