EU GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues no.2 “The long way to implementing the Paris agreement"

From Paris to Santiago, where do we stand? The Paris Agreement sets out a path with a clear final destination. Yet, if we know where we want to go, do we know what it takes to get there? 

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Read in this edition of the GCCA+ Review of Climate Issues, articles on:

  • From Paris to Santiago: where do we stand? 
  • Enhanced transparency is key to 21st century climate action 
  • Trinidad and Tobago: helping a negative record go positive 
  • Myanmar: the story of a strategy against climate change 
  • EU GCCA+ Timeline of resilience
  • EU GCCA+ Support to UNFCCC processes
  • Intra-ACP GCCA+ climate ambitions and new partnerships
  • Bringing NDCs one step ahead: from theory to action.