GCCA+ Seychelles Preparing for Climate Change in the Tourism Sector A Guide for Hotels and Guesthouses


CC For many small island states, including Seychelles, tourism has become a major contributor to the local economy and one of the principal strategies for islands to improve the socio-economic living conditions of the local population and to combat poverty. However, this increasingly important sector is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate variability and change. Favorable climatic conditions at destinations are key attractions for tourists, especially in beach destinations.
In the context of Seychelles, we continue to find ways and means to diversify our products and promote alternative tourist leisure activities such as nature walks, bird watching, marine leisure activities which include cruise tourism, watersports, scuba diving, kayaking etc. with the aim of attracting new tourism market segments. However it is important to remember that these activities are also highly dependent on specific climate and weather conditions.

The climate is changing and the impacts are already being felt on land and in the sea. For tourism in Seychelles to thrive, it is critical that we understand the implications of climate change on our sector, participate in actions to reduce our carbon footprint, and start planning ahead to minimize losses.