GCCA+ Seychelles Factsheet: Climate Change Capacity Building - Opportunities for Seychellois



As a small island developing state, Seychelles is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, such as sea level rise, saltwater intrusion, heavy rains and flooding, coral bleaching and droughts. A capacity needs assessment recently completed by the GCCA+ program has identified a need for climate change training to help individuals and organisations from diverse sectors better prepare for present and future impacts of climate change. There is a vast array of in-person and online training opportunities available locally, regionally and internationally. Some consist of short modules or courses for professional development while others may lead to undergraduate or graduate degrees. This report provides a snapshot of some of the opportunities currently available to Seychellois, including scholarships, but it is just a starting point! Readers are encouraged to do their own research, particularly if they are looking for specific training in a specialized field related to climate change, as new opportunities arise regularly and others may dry up. Some of the websites and links provided here should help to get you started.