Fridays for Climate | 7 reasons why NDCs are important

Fridays for Climate | 7 reasons why NDCs are important

Based on agreed targets, 195 countries have signed the Paris Agreement that requires to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to continue efforts to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C. 📜 These targets, the Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs), are important in several ways but let’s start with 7 reasons:

  1. NDCs are bottom-up pledges to act, based on each country’s priorities
  2. NDCs have universal application system that facilitate appropriate climate action by all countries
  3. NDCs offer a transparent overview of national circumstances at a point in time
  4. NDCs become real plans for climate action because they encourage countries to consider their mitigation potential and they indicate how to proceed
  5. NDCs highlight how countries will adapt to climate change
  6. NDCs can be aggregated data to establish a perspective of where the world stands in relation to climate goals and the status of global warming.
  7. NDCs are works in progress which must be adapted every 5 years in support of stronger and more ambitious climate action.

🌍 The EU Global Climate Change Alliance Plus emphasizes the importance of finalizing NDCs updates in 2021. It is important to take into account sufficient ambition to significantly narrow the emissions gap. 

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