Fridays for Climate | The importance of Blue Carbon

Fridays for Climate | The importance of Blue Carbon

🌍 The concept “Blue Carbon” refers to the CO2 absorbed and stored by marine and coastal ecosystems. In open waters, phytoplankton plays an important role for the sequestration of carbon while the bottom of the sea ensures a key function of its storage resulting from the decomposition of plants and animals.

In 2015, only mangroves were recorded in the intended national determined contributions (INDC) for the preparation of the Paris agreement. 🌱 Today, the tendency is to expand the list to other blue carbon ecosystems as the importance for climate change mitigation is gaining increasing attention in coastal countries

Efforts should be made in the short term to a obtain a baseline evaluation of the blue carbon of coastal ecosystems, as well as the monitoring of its annual evolution based on the change of the size of blue carbon ecosystems and their ecological or health conditions. 💧

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