Fridays for Climate | The importance of Blue Economy 🌊

Fridays for Climate | The importance of Blue Economy 🌊

🌍 An increasing number of coastal countries are betting on the blue economy to promote the sustainable development of their coasts. The blue economy is vital for the island nations of the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa (ACP) because of their strong interdependence with the ocean. The blue economy is well understood to be about the sustainable use and conservation of the oceans.

The EU has promoted the blue economy since 2016 for the definition of policies and actions and for the implementation of a coordination mechanism. Maritime space and what it contains thus becomes an opportunity. 🌊

Blue economy policies are an important aspect of island and coastal states’ recoveries. They serve to guide government and stakeholder efforts to revitalise the economy in a resilient and sustainable manner while also enhancing natural and social heritage.

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