World Bee day

World Bee day

World bee day - 22.08.2019

Pictures from Malawi, 2018, Tanzania, 2019, Ethiopia, 2018.

Beekeeping is a primary livelihood activity and bee pollination is one of the solutions in the fight against climate change.

  • Empowerment of women is an important ingredient in fighting climate change in Malawi. Women are fundamental to create solid basis for a climate-proofed development. Discover the story of one of these women here, she is producing and selling honey from her bees! 
  • In Tanzania, the GCCA+ project supports 8 communities to manage their forests, water sources and land more efficiently so that they can adopt climate-smart agriculture. The project aims to support locals to adapt negative impacts on climate change and eradicating poverty. Ecotourism, beekeeping, and butterfly keeping are actions to alleviate poverty in Tanzania. Click here to view the photo gallery! 
  • In Ethiopia, changes in temperature and precipitation patterns have already been observed. In the short and medium term, these changing conditions could seriously hamper the economic growth of the country as its main driver for economic development, the agriculture sector, is highly climate sensitive. GCCA support will contribute towards achieving Ethiopia's ‘Climate Resilient Green Economy’ (CRGE) strategy through capacity building and promotion of sustainable land management. Read more about the project here.  


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