COP18 side event

At the Doha climate change conference, a side event on the theme ‘Paving the way for climate-compatible development: experiences from the GCCA’ was organised to explore experiences from partner countries and bring to the table voices from stakeholders in the field and development partners. The event targeted developing countries, in particular LDCs and SIDS, and also development partners and EU Member States.

Speakers included:

  • A representative from Cyprus, an EU Member State that contributes to the GCCA budget (and was chairing the European Council at the time of the event), who highlighted the importance of joint programming and financing and the value of the GCCA.
  • A representative from CILSS, the Permanent Inter-State Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (i.e. the organisation in charge of managing the GCCA’s regional programme for Western Africa), who explained the benefits and challenges related to long-term climate change finance, the needs in terms of capacity building, and the role of regional organisations and GCCA in this respect.
  • An EU representative, who presented an overview of the GCCA approach to delivering climate change support and the linkages between this type of specific support and wider development aid in climate-relevant areas.

The discussions that ensued focused on regional support, climate change in the agriculture sector and the role of the civil society.

The brochure entitled ‘Paving the way for climate compatible development: experiences from the Global Climate Change Alliance’ was launched at this event.