EU GCCA+ in the news: Sustainable agriculture in Upper Guinea

The Project for the Introduction of Sustainable Agriculture Practices on Family Farms in Upper Guinea (PIPADEF-HG) was launched in the urban community of Kankan, as part of the GCCA+ West Africa project, implemented by Expertise France under the aegis of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and funded by the European Union.



Project leader Gnouma Lazard Tolno explains that family farms are among the most vulnerable to climate change.

“Family farms in Guinea are essential to ensure food security for a growing population, but they currently do not cover the food needs of the population. We therefore have a pressing need for greater productivity, and family farms have far greater potential for productivity gain than industrial agriculture. At the same time, the pressure for increased production endangers biodiversity and carbon sinks in the forests of Upper Guinea. We have to produce more grain on less land. Restoring soil fertility is therefore vital to increasing productivity.”

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