EU GCCA+: Sugarcane “nests” to protect fruit trees in Cape Verde


The GCCA+  Agro Floresta project in Cape Verde is introducing agroecology techniques among the local communities. One of these techniques is called  “nests" and consists of protecting fruit trees with straw or sugarcane bagasse. The “nests” have several purposes like keeping moisture in soil, protecting from the wind, or feeding the soil.

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A variety of plants can be used for the “nests, promoting cooperation between species. Species like Aloe vera, Sisal and Cato in particular help with wind protection, building up water and nutrients by favouring neighbouring plants.

The Agro Floresta project (full name: ADPM - Sistemas Agroflorestais em Santo Antão), is implementing agroecological activities aiming at:

  • Reporting agricultural production for climate-smart food production systems;
  • Improving the quality of life of rural populations by improving agricultural productivity, agricultural incomes, and reducing inequalities;
  • Combatting desertification through agroecological techniques and contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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