FILM Climate Action: COP21 enters implementation stage for ACP Group

At a special meeting convened by the Sustainable Development Sub-Committee on COP21 Outcomes, delegates from the 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries met on 22-23 March to decide how to implement the Paris climate change agreement in partnership with the EU. The discussions and mood of the gathering are captured in a film produced by the GCCA+ and ACP Group.


Four months after the COP21 agreement and countries are steadily moving into the regulatory implementation phase, according to Richard Kinley, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNFCCC. This can be more difficult, he said, because of the need to put in place systems, rules and finances.

A review of the Green Climate Fund and the need for concrete projects and technologies (both in adaptation and mitigation) to help the most vulnerable countries were emphasised in the film.  Severe weather events, such as cyclones in the Pacific and drought in Africa, show that the impacts of climate change are already being felt among the ACP Group.

“Climate action cannot be postponed … It poses immediate and long-term significant risks to sustainable development efforts, and threatens the very survival of the 79 countries that make up the ACP Group,” said H.E. Dr Kaire Munionganda Mbeunde, Ambassador of Namibia and Chair of Sub-committee on Sustainable Development at the meeting in March.

All climate actions must be part of what Dr Patrick Gomes, Secretary General of the ACP Group, called a “systematic programme of work” with clear phases that come together and address any implementation gaps ahead of COP22 in Morocco at the end of the year.

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