GCCA+ Cape Verde: “cocoon” technology for plants

Water scarcity is forcing us to adopt increasingly intelligent practical solutions!

🌱 The trees planted in the experimental field on the Northern Plateau using ‘Cocoon’ techniques are growing. This region of Cape Verde suffers from water shortage, and through the use of small water reservoirs (the cocoons), water is gradually released, ensuring that the plants have water available over a longer period of time.

Cocoon planting technology allows trees to grow in arid soils without irrigation, revitalising degraded ecosystems and communities around the world.

cocoon technology

Through this experiment, we aim to help mitigate agricultural water demand by increasing productivity. This is another initiative of the agroforestry systems project, which remains committed to the fight against climate change on the island of Santo Antão in Cape Verde." Project Manager, ADPM.

“Agroforestry Systems - A Smart Alternative to Combat Climate Change in Santo Antão” is a pilot project implemented by ADPM in Cape Verde. It aims to create agroforestry systems in experimental fields in order to promote food production systems adapted to climate change in Cape Verde. Faced with severe drought, the project’s actions will build the capacity of young farmers to optimise the management of irrigation systems, restore soil fertility and crop diversify and rotation. 

cocoon technology

This pilot project is co-funded by the GCCA+ West Africa regional project implemented by Expertise France under the leadership of the ECOWAS Commission and in partnership with CILSS.

Find out more about this pilot project here: https://www.agroflorestacv.adpm.pt/

For more information on the “Cocoon” technology: https://youtu.be/eay7yKbQmnw