GCCA+ Chad: Best practices in climate-smart agriculture


The activities for the second phase of the AMCC+ Chad Strengthening Governance and Climate Resilience in Chad project are currently underway. The programme aims to build on the achievements of the first phase of the GCCA project in Chad, such as best practices in the climate-smart agriculture sector:

Best practice 1: Local governance of the wadis for access to land and tenure security for vulnerable groups in Lac Province.

Best practice 2: Solar-powered pumping as a way to obtain water and achieve water and energy savings and agricultural diversification in Lac Province.

Best practice 3: Scale up of composting (Mandoul Province).

Best practice 4: Construction of ponds equipped with solar borehole pumps and a surrounding anti-erosion system to enable access to the water (drinking and livestock watering) in the Gara plain.




The second phase will also raise new challenges and issues. The new field projects selected are:

  • Project to support climate governance, climate-adapted agricultural production and the empowerment of women and young people in Lac Province
  • Project to stimulate innovative practices in smart and climate-resilient agriculture in Mandoul Province.
  • Project to enhance smart livestock farming practices adapted to climate extreme, and promote the transformation, preservation and sale of animal products in Salamat Province.

GCCA/Chad is being implemented through a funding agreement for €4 million, signed on 6 May 2020 between the Republic of Chad and the European Union.

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