GCCA+: four new climate-smart agriculture projects in West Africa


Four smart agriculture projects have just been launched in four West African countries with European funding from the Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+). The countries involved are Benin, Mauritania, Niger and Chad. In each of these countries, GCCA+ has targeted sectors whose development and promotion are critical for the country and the continent.


Foot pump in Boukoumbe Benin - ©LoCAL-UNCDF


In Benin, the smart agriculture project targets a rice cultivation initiative; in Mauritania, a programme of innovative solar solutions for irrigation in the commune of Boghé; in Niger, an integrated agriculture and livestock project for greater resilience of women and youth; and in Chad, a project to support ecological, self-sufficient and sustainable family farming adapted to climate change in peri-urban areas through the introduction of organic fertilisers.


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