GCCA+ in the news: Empowering agricultural journalists in Ghana

The Rainforest Alliance (RA) is training the Ghana Agricultural and Rural Development Journalists Association (GARDJA), in Accra, as part of the EU GCCA+ funded LEAN project.  “Ensuring People and Nature Thrive in Harmony” was aimed at presenting Rainforest Alliance certification activities to journalists.

©Rainforest Alliance Ghana - Participants in photo section with the resource persons

The Rainforest Alliance certification Programme defines long-term vision for the future. RA works with millions of farmers and with forest communities all over the world to promote sustainable and climate-smart practices and improve livelihoods, both of which are critical to building farm and farmer resilience, stopping deforestation, and increasing biodiversity.

There are several benefits to Rainforest Alliance certified farmers. Farmers produce according to RA standards, which offer them higher productivity, while promoting human rights and helping them mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis. Across the tropics, farming and forest communities face a daily struggle to cover life’s basic needs. Breaking the cycle of rural poverty and tackling the ensuing impacts for people and nature, is critical for a more sustainable future for mankind. Nana Yaw Reuben from the Ghana Agricultural and Rural Development Journalists Association (GARDJA), urged journalists to always strive to give farmers a voice by spotlighting issues affecting them.

The four-year LEAN project, is sponsored with US$4 million by the European Union's flagship GCCA+ initiative, runs from 2020 to 2024. (48 months).

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