GCCA+ in the news: The Gambia: Supporting the fight against pollution in Kanifing

The one-year pilot project in Kanifing Municipality has brought many opportunities to women gardeners who have been trained on how to make compost and biodegradables.

The project titled: “Building Climate Resilience through Sustainable Biodegradable Waste Management in Kanifing Municipality” aimed to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste that gets disposed off at the Bakoteh dumpsite and help women transform them into soil conditioners.

Ingrid Henrys, project coordinator for the implementing partner WasteAid, commented that “we have really seen the value of ‘what people call waste’ and is not waste as you can value it.” The initiative was part of a 100,000 Euro grant from the European Union (EU), through the GCCA+ programme. The aim was to increase climate resilience by educating vendors to separate food waste in public markets, while transferring the organic waste to women’s gardens in two pilot locations in Kanifing for 12 months.


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