GCCA+ in the news: Inaugurated network to monitor climate change along The Gambia River

The European Research Institute (ERI) inaugurated a network to mitigate and monitor the effect of climate change along The Gambia River, through a ceremony at Abuko Nature Reserve. The network, supported by the EU GCCA+ programme, aims at enhancing effective collection and transmission of data to the National Environmental Agency in order to enhance the monitoring of the sheltered coast along the Gambia River.

“As part of the current GCCA + project one of the major components was about working with the communities because the effect of the impact of climate change is touching us all and there is a great and very important element of raising awareness and working at all different levels on climate change related issues”, said EU programme manager, Evangelina Blango.



Momodou Lamin Gassama, Director of Department of Parks and Wild Life, added that climate change is a very important aspect in the coastal area because nearly 90% of all wild life protected areas are located in those areas.

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