GCCA+ in the news: Plant germination in milk packages and wind cutting trees in Cape Verde

In the nurseries of the Agroforest Systems Project trees, bushes, gardens, aromatic and medicinal plants, each with its role in agroforest systems are multiplied reusing packaging. The multiplied plants will be planted in the experimental fields, and in the future will serve to feed the soil, humans or animals.

At the North Planalto Experimental Field wind cutting trees species planted are in full development. These trees will provide shade for the most fragile plants including vegetables, organic soil material, shelter for biodiversity, and windmills for the high wind season.

The Northern Plateau is a region with severe water scarcity. In the experimental field several experiments have been carried out to mitigate the need for water for agriculture. One of them is the use of Cocoons, small water reservoirs, where water is gradually released to the roots of the plant, ensuring water availability for plants over a longer period of time.

The project on Agroforestry systems in Santo Antão in Cape Verde is being implemented by the Association for the Defense of Heritage of Mértola (Portugal), is implemented by Expertise France, under the political and institutional leadership of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).  It is an initiative of the GCCA+ West Africa project, financed by the European Union.

Plants in milk packages Cape Verde

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