GCCA Tanzania, Highlights Report 2015-2019


TZThe EU Delegation in Tanzania presented the final Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) Tanzania Highlights report. It presents the results achieved using colourful infographics by the 5 climate change adaptation projects that were implemented in different agro-ecological zones in Tanzania in Phase II (2015-2019) with funding from the European Union (EU) Global Climate Change Alliance. Through the application of the eco-village approach, all projects contributed to building the resilience of local communities, working in close collaboration with local government authorities. This report provides an overview of the main activities undertaken by the 5 projects and the impact they have achieved in strengthening the livelihoods resilience of the target communities and in preserving the natural resources on which they depend. The most promising interventions are now included in local government plans and have been documented and shared widely through policy briefs, social media and news outlets.