Moving NDCs one step ahead: from theory to action

Results that were unimaginable just one year ago: climate actions communicated in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are aligned with 154 of the 169 targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Kompong Khleang village, Siem Reap

Post-Paris climate cooperation has focused on setting all the wheels in motion to help developing countries to take their NDCs from theory into action. A fledgling piece of climate change architecture has emerged, encouraging a ‘partner-oriented technical approach’. The composition of this group ranges from a number of facilities established prior to the Paris Agreement (i.e. NDC Cluster, LEDS Global Partnership, Africa Partnership Facility for NDC) – that have since moved from NDC preparation to NDC implementation – to those established immediately after COP21 and launched at COP22. 

Together, these facilities have convened more than 100 countries, representatives from international institutions and non- state actors committed to acting on climate. 
In the two years following COP22, the ‘new NDC leading architects’ have been working with countries in fleshing out the NDCs. They have built populated databases to share data information, financial initiatives, and advisory support to narrow countries’ knowledge gaps and, in the case of the NDC Partnership, coordinate donor and institutional support around country- identified priorities. 

The key to the success of this approach is the method used by these initiatives to share climate information. They are progressively scaling up their partner networks to generate up-to-date information and data that enables countries to learn, shore up their knowledge and to accelerate their climate actions. This new modus operandi has already produced results unimaginable just one year ago: climate actions communicated in NDCs are aligned with 154 of the 169 targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, states the World Research Institute in its Climate Watch database. 

This means that despite the proliferation of different existing initiatives, papers, words and seminars on this topic, the three leading initiatives are: The NDC Partnership (worldwide geographical scope), the World Bank NDC Platform (worldwide geographical scope), and the IDB Group NDC Invest (Latin American and Caribbean geographical scope) are the three actual NDC leaders in the context of UNFCCC negotiations. Therefore, other facilities and hubs, created in parallel to these three, should ensure their approaches integrate the work already done.