ReSI-NoC: Strengthening innovation systems in the North region of Cameroon

The objective of the ReSI-NoC project, funded by the European Union under the DeSIRA and GCCA+ programmes, is to strengthen innovation systems to promote sustainable agro-sylvo-pastoral innovations in the North region of Cameroon.

The expected impact of the project is an improvement in the livelihoods of populations of the North region through harmonious and inclusive landscape management, allowing the integration of agriculture and livestock rearing and the management of natural ecosystems.

The project seeks to create synergies between the actions of various projects and partners working in the field of agriculture, agri-food, livestock rearing and forestry management in the area, adding value by:

  • facilitating consultation mechanisms between stakeholders
  • implementing participatory processes for cocreating and adapting technical, organisational and institutional innovations
  • creating crossdisciplinary teams to facilitate a better understanding of the difficulties linked to the area, a more holistic view and a more diversified range of responses to agro-sylvo-pastoral constraints