The Story of Chheang Yengsreylen – Making Our School and Society Greener and Climate-Smart


Yengsreylen presenting the Ecoschool textbook that has been used for the lessons of the ecoschool club 

Chheang Yengsreylen, 18 years old, is a 12th grade student at Angkor Chey secondary school in Kampot province. She is a member of the climate-smart eco-school club in her school.

The club members received lessons on environmental and climate change-related topics and participated in practical sessions such as garbage management, building and renovating latrines, setting up bio-diversified gardening and demonstration school forests.




I was eager to learn more about environmental and climate change-related topics. In addition, I am keen to pass this knowledge onto my family members and friends. enjoyed learning how to plant and manage trees in our school woodlot. In terms of knowledge, I think I was most excited to understand better how climate change takes place and the role of greenhouse gas emissions as part of the human-induced greenhouse effect that warms up the world.

- Yengsreylen

Yengsreylen benefitted from support provided by the ‘Mainstreaming Climate Change in Education (MCCE)‘ Project by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, funded by the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance. Please find more information on the project here. 


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